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Biography of Paul Acencio Arajo Barbosa (Juazeiro BA 1944) he moved in 1958 to the city of So Paulo. In São Paulo, frequents the Roman atelide Abedante between 1962 and 1967. In parallel, begins to participate in art shows, including the Freedom of Association Salo Paulista de Belas Artes in 1965. By 1969, won the tender for creation of poster 34 Salo Paulista de Belas Artes, in which event also expe. In 1971, is now frequents the Fair Art and Craft of Praça da República. In 1974 and 1976,...

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Biography of Paul Acencio Arajo Barbosa (Juazeiro BA 1944) he moved in 1958 to the city of So Paulo. In São Paulo, frequents the Roman atelide Abedante between 1962 and 1967. In parallel, begins to participate in art shows, including the Freedom of Association Salo Paulista de Belas Artes in 1965. By 1969, won the tender for creation of poster 34 Salo Paulista de Belas Artes, in which event also expe. In 1971, is now frequents the Fair Art and Craft of Praça da República. In 1974 and 1976, experience at the Biennial National Foundation on the Biennale. In 1978, the organization works in 16 Ecological Thought and Art, held in Cetesb in So Paulo. The following year, establishing the ARS Group, which aims at promoting art in nursing homes, churches and prisons. In 1981, he joined the 16th International Biennial of Sao Paulo. Between 1985 and 1987, part of the show Por La Liberacin, which runs more than ten countries. Since the 60& 39;s, publishes poetry and chronic in newspapers and magazines. In 1985, the magazine publishes Are You Painting, published by Three. In 1988 he published the book We chromosomes, published by Folha de Poesia de Ventura de la Fuente. Also works as a member of various selection Premiair sales of art, including the Hall of Arts in Itu, Sao Paulo, in 1977 and 1978 editions, and 2 Biennial of plastic arts of Military Circle, held in 1980. Minister from 1986 to 1990 studied painting at the Art Workshop SESI, in Sao Paulo. Europe trip in 1991 to make studies and contacts for 50 dias.No same year he received his first prize at the 19th International Contemporary Art Hall of Revin, France. The following year ottulo receives Vice-President of Honour of the 20th Hall of Contemporary Art Revin, France. Creates the Journal latelies to publish their work. In 1998 receives the prize Partners of Culture, awarded by the State of So Paulo. Invited to join as a Member of the Electoral Colgio Prize Multicultural state. As Portraiture Caixa Economic Federal contractor to complete the Hall of Presidents, held in 2000 holds 23 pinturas.Em turncom EcceBrasilis your project on the 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of Brazil, Paran, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. Invited to join the jury of Cultural Map. In 2001 awarded the Cavaliere ottulo Accademia del Verbano, awarded by the Accademia Internazionale Greci Marino, Accademia del Verbano di Lettere, Arti, Scienze Italy. Currently the templates are fully active artist in Brazil and abroad. Formal 1962 / 1967 - So Paulo SP - frequents the Roman atelier master Abedante 1963 - So Paulo SP - called to serve the army where he conducts a series of studies to landscapes and experience in the quarter 1970/1985 frequents various courses such as photography, graphic arts restauraoe. In the second act does BSIC education groups. ARTS ACTIVITIES IN Painter, Illustrator, JRI State of the Art of Sales, Poet. 1971 - So Paulo SP - frequents and experience in the Fair Art and Craft of Praça da República 1975 - Parallel 2 illustrates the book by Paulo Diniz Braga 1977 - Itu SP - State of the j the selection of laughs 2 Salo of Art 1978 Itu - Itu SP - Member of jury selection for the Hall of Arts 3 Itu 1978 - Member of jury of Premiair 2 of Salo& 39;s Art Works Painter of 1978 - So Paulo SP - Creates the project UNO-TRINO - performs original work on three screens to be displayed separately and is to reach a superior 1978 - So Paulo SP - Work organization at the 16 Arts and Ecological Thought, held at Cetesb 1979 - Araras SP - Member of jury selection for the third Salo Ararense of plastic arts 1979 - Member of the jury of three Premiair Salo& 39;s Art Works Painter of 1979 - So Paulo SP - Creates, with six artists, ARS Group with the purpose of showing art in space as the nursing homes, churches, prisons 1980 - So Paulo SP - Member of jury selection for the second biennial of plastic arts of the Military Circle 1981 - So Paulo SP - Participates in the exhibition design for the cover "Who Who" of magazine Viso, 1981 at the Maksoud Plaza - Sao Paulo SP - Participates in the poster competition for the 16th International Biennial of Sao Paulo 1982 - Member of the jury of five Hall of Paintings Associates the athletic Bank of Brazil 1985 - Sao Paulo SP - publishes the magazine Are You Painting, published by Three 1986/1990 - So Paulo SP - Minister studied painting at the workshop (created by the artist) Art Sesi. 1991 Travels to Europe for two months, contacts in various countries. 1997 Member of the jury& 39;s first Salo Acadmico Suzano SP-1997 Member of the Cultural Map of the jury at the invitation of the Culture of Sc retaria Suzano SP-1998 Member of jury the fourth COSAP Collective Suzanense of plastic arts. 2001 - Member of jury of the Regional Cultural Map edition 2004 - Cover and illustrations from the book ON LAND YUPANK Martha Soya Brazilian writer and sculptor. INDIVIDUAL Exhibition 1972 - So Paulo SP - ADETEC Buffet Maison Suisse 1973 - So Paulo - Caramel 1974 SESC - Sao Paulo SP - Gallery factory SESC 1975 - So Paulo SP - Acencio: hindsight 66/74 in Serv / Wood 1976 - So Paulo SP - San AteliDan 1980 - Pedro Juan Caballero (Paraguay) - Artecasa Gallery 1981 - So Paulo SP - Gallery ItaCultural 1982 - Recife PE - Exclusive Art Gallery 1982 - Recife PE - Metropolitan Art Gallery 1984 - Penpolis SP - Gallery ItaCultural 1985 - Salvador Bahia - The Easel Art Gallery 1986 - So Paulo SP - State Enterprise Centre of So Paul 1986 - Goinia GO - Gallery ItaCultural 1988 - So Paulo SP - Acencio in So Paulo Hilton Hotel 1988 - Santos SP - Association of physicians Santos 1989 - So Paulo SP - Crown Plaza Hotel 1991 So Paulo SP - The Paintings in the MetrConsolao 1991 - Juazeiro BA - Regional Museum Steps of St. Francis 1993-MG - House of Culture Club 1993 Sao Paulo SP Santos SP athletic Paulistano 1993 Gallery 1994 So Paulo SP mercury Bookstore 1994 Santo Andr SP tennis club Sao Paulo SP 1994 Agency of the Bank of Brazil Santos SP 1995 Art Gallery of the Cultural Center Brazil USA 1996 Indaiatuba Box 1998 Federal Economic Guarulhos SP VIP room of the Airport 2000 MaringPR Ecce Brasilis at the Museum of History and Art 2000 - So Paulo SP - Ecce Brasilis at Caixa Cultural Economic 2001 Federal - Brasilia DF - Ecce Brasilis at Caixa Cultural Center 2003 Federal Economic Expo. African-Brazilian Cultural Center of Taboo Diadema-SP. 2004 So Paulo SP - Park Avenue Art Gallery Incio of a new phase of paintings - A BRIEF LOOK THROUGH THE WINDOW OF MY WORKSHOP 2005 - Exhibition Coletnea - Business Center At the Sao Paulo-2005 - EXHIBITIONS lanamento book Dueto space of the Joint National So Paulo. COLLECTIVE Exhibition 1965 - So Paulo SP - Salo Freedom of Association Paulista de Belas Artes 1966 - So Paulo SP - 25 Salo Freedom of Association Paulista de Belas Artes S 1967 Paul - 26th Salo Freedom of Association Paulista de Belas Artes 1969 - So Paulo SP - 34 Salo Paulista de Belas Artes 1970 - So Paulo SP - Natalino Salo, the State Council Culture 1971 - So Paulo SP - Salo Freedom of Association Paulista de Belas Artes 1973 - Atibaia SP - 5 Salo Art Atibaia 1973 - Holy AndrSP - 6 Salo Art Contemporary Santo Andre 1973 - So Paulo SP - Ecological Manifesto in Paulista School of music. SP 1973 American Exhibition of contemporaneous artists 1974 - Embu SP - 11 Hall of plastic arts from 1974 Embu - Sao Paulo SP-1 Salo Art Macabi& 39;s Circle 1974 - Limeira SP - 2 Hall of Contemporary Art in Limerick 1974 - So Paulo SP - 32 Salo-Free Paulista Association of Fine Arts 1974 - So Paulo SP - 3 Bunkyo Salo, the Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture 1974 - Holy AndrSP - 7 Salo Contemporary Art of St. Andr, Center Cvico 1974 - Piracicaba SP - 7 Salo Official Art Contemporary Piracicaba 1974 - So Paulo SP - 74 National Biennial, Biennale Foundation in 1974 - So Paulo SP - Sword Gallery 1974 - So Paulo SP - Alto de Pinheiros Club 1974 - So Paulo - Caramel 1974 SESC - Sao Paulo SP - Fair Festivities Eucatexpo 1974 Sao Paulo SP Brazil Cultural Union USA 1974 Piracicaba SP 7th Meeting of Contemporary Art 1974 - So Paulo SP - Salo Portinari 1975 Sao Paulo SP Exhibit Paintings in the Brazilian Union of Writers 1975 Sao Paulo SP Shows Brazilian Association of Artists of the Pioneers 1975 - So Bernardo do Campo SP - 18 Salo Art of So Bernardo do Campo 1975 - JundiaSP - 1 Salo of Contemporary Art Association of fine artists Jundia of 1975 - Atibaia SP - 7 Meeting of Arts Atibaia 1975 - So Paulo SP - Ecological Thought and Art in 1975 Câmara Municipal - So Bernardo do Campo SP - Art and Thought Ecol cal treatment, Pao Hall 1975 - Santos SP - Art and Ecological Thought in Prodesan 1975 - So Paulo SP - Collective Gallery in Vanguard 1975 - Atibaia SP - Art Show in Vero Season 1976 - So Paulo SP - 5 Bunkyo Salo, the Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture 1976 - Brasilia DF - Ecological Thought and Art in the Cultural Foundation of the Federal District 1976 - So Paulo SP - Biennial Nacional 76, the Foundation Biennial 1976 - So Paulo SP - Collective exhibitions in the Center of the Center Hotel Sao Paulo 1976 - Sao Paulo SP - Ecology in the Brazilian Union of Writers 1977 - So Paulo SP - 1st Meeting of Arts in the XXI Century Gallery 1977 - Santos SP - Art and Ecological Thought at FAU / Santos 1977 - Curitiba PR - Art and Ecological Thought, the Foundation Cultural Curitiba 1977 So Paulo SP - Leilo Charity Art Club Monte Lbano 1978 - So Paulo SP - 16 Art and Ecological Thought in Cetesb 1978 - Londrina PR - 1 Salo Stopping Visual Arts North 1978 - Rio de Janeiro RJ - Art and Ecological Thought in the Palace of Culture in 1978 - Holy AndrSP - 78 plastic arts at the Center of Santo Andr Cvico 1978 So Paulo SP - 1st Week Ecological Valley Paraba 1978 Brasilia DF - first Leilo Art Gallery Centroartes 1979 - So Paulo SP - an Exhibition of Art Association of the Ministry PUBLIC 1979 - So Paulo SP - 43 Salo Paulista de Belas Artes 1979 - Itu SP - ARS Group, almshouse in 1979 - So Paulo SP - Shows the International Association of plastic arts at the Arts Pao 1979 - Waters of Silver SP Paintings Exhibition at the Cultural Center 1979 So Joo da Boa Vista SP Guiomar Novaes Week Show Paintings 1980 - ItajubMG - 1 Salo Itajuba Purchasing Prize 1980 - Taboo Sierra SP - Salo 1 plastic arts from 1980 - Londrina PR - 2 Hall of Visual Arts in northern Paran 1980 - So Paulo SP - Artists and trends in Gallery Bandeirantes 1980 - Tokuyama (Japan) 1980 - Belo Horizonte MG - MAP 1980 - Piracicaba SP - SESC 1980 - So Paulo SP - Exhibition Ray Ecological Manifesto, the SESC Carmo 1980 - Montes Claros MG - 1 Salo National Montes Claros 1980 Sao Paulo SP 1st Exhibition of Art 1980 AMORC Rosicrucian So Paulo SP Salo Camões third of plastic arts 1981 - So Paulo SP - 16th International Biennial of Sao Paulo, the Foundation Biennial 1981 - Chiba, Fukuoka, Nara, Okinawa and Tokyo before (Japan) - Inauguration of the International Society of Artists 1981 - So Paulo SP - Afro-Brazilian Cultural Week at the Library Hall Mrio Andrade 1982 - Recife PE - 1 Salo Art of Recife, in the Gallery Lula Cardoso Ayres 1982 - So Paulo SP - Exhibition Immigrant Cultural / Living Room from Africa, in Foundation Biennial 1983 - So Paulo SP - Ecological Parabienal, CCSP 1983 - Holy AndrSP - Art Project - Fiat, the tennis club Santo Andre 1984 - So Paulo SP - Manifesto by Direct election-Pinacoteca do Estado 1984 - So Paulo SP - 6 Painters at the Art Gallery of Sesi 1985 - Americana SP - Conference at the Museum of Contemporary Art Americana 1985 - So Paulo SP - Shows against Aparthaid, CCSP 1985 - So Paulo SP - Ecological Parabienal 1985 - Caracas (Venezuela), Crete (GRCI), Stockholm, Trelleborg, Vesberg and Uppsala (Sucia), Geneva, Bern and Lausanne (His), Montreal (Canada), Paris (France), Rio de Janeiro RJ, Salonika (GRCI) - Por La Liberacin 1986 - So Paulo - Collective Cultural in space 1986 Chap Chap - Lisbon (Portugal) - Feira Internacional de Lisboa 1986 - Taipei (Taiwan) - International Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1986 - Valncia (Spain), Lindkoping, Malmo and Vasteras (Sucia ) - Por La Liberacin 1987 - Brasilia DF - Collective Cultural space in the Superior Labor Court 1987 - Buenos Aires (Argentina), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsingborg and Lindkoping (Sucia), Lausanne (His) Montevidu ( Uruguay) and Montpellier (France) - Por La Liberacin 1988 - Paris (France) - Centenary of Villa-Lobos, Inter Art Gallery in 1990 - So Caetano do Sul SP - Sports Museum 1991 - Revin (France) - 21 Salo International Parc Maurice Rocheteau 1993 Darte Santos Santos SP Gallery 1993 So Paulo SP - Leilo Beneficent Laramara Espa Art Bank Econ mico 1994 So Paulo SP - Leilo Charitable Foundation of Israel 1994 - So Paulo SP Xari inauguration of Gallery 1995 Barry SP - Culture Festival 1995 San José (Costa Rica) 1995 Exhibition at the Brazilian Embassy San José (Costa Rica) 1995 Camino Real Hotel Limon (Costa Rica) 1995 Caribbean Hotel Maribu Zapote (Costa Rica) 1995 So CafBetelgeuse Gallery Paulo SP - Gallery BRIC the Brac 1996 Suzano SP Centro Cultural Sao Paulo SP 1996 - Inauguration of Emprio Frame Gallery 1996 Los Angeles (USA) 1996 Art Gallery Vasp So Paulo SP Special Leilo Pr-MASP Magalhes Renato Gouveia Art office 1996 Revin (France) Salo 24th International Contemporary Art 1996 - Revin (France) 25th International Salo 1996 Contemporary Art of Sao Paulo SP Maternity Four are in the Maritime Museum 1998 So Paulo SP Project Quality Hotel Expo Center Norte Exhibition 1998 Londrina PR Afro-Brazilian Secretariat Palmares Culture 1999 Sao Paulo SP Premier Summer 2000 2nd Edio - So Joo da Boa Vista SP - 2 Visual Arts Biennial 2000 - Londrina PR - Shows Afro-Brazilian Palmares in Jos Room Antonio Teodoro 2001 - So Paulo SP - Paul Acencio and Lucio Bittencourt, in 2001 Morumby Paineiras Club of So Paulo SP - Charitable Leilo first Latin American Art of the Consulate General of Chile in the Memorial Latin America 2001 Sao Paulo SP - Paul Martin and Juarez Acencio at the University Library Southern Cross (UNICSUL) 2001 Sao Paulo SP - 2nd Gesture Touches of Art Benefits of Hortncias The Hebrew 2001 So Paulo SP - Caribbean Exhibition Nigth benefit for the Graduate School. 2001 - Londrina-PR - SPECIAL ROOM on show Afro-Brazilian Culture 2002 - Revin Frana -30 Salo Art International, held in Galerie Internationale Dart Contemporain Parc Maurice Rocheteau 2003 Sao Paulo SP Salo-Tenolgica of Innovations Expo Center Norte 2003 - Suzano, SP - Shows collective Interference and Time Present - revisited the work of the masters of the Councilmen passadoCamara Suzabo 2005-SP Black Collective Shows Yes Cultural Center Francisco Carlos Moriconi. 2005 Small Format Works Great Bric a Brac Art Gallery-SP. 2005 40 Collective Cultural Arts Center plastic-To Sigulda Jarinu-SP. 2006 Reinterpretations of the Great Masters French Suzano SP. 2006 Chapel Art Show 2006. TRIBUTES / TITLE / PRMIA 1966 Sao Paulo SP Silver Medal (prize maximum) provided by the master Abedante 1967 - So Paulo SP - Poster Prize of the Club of Shopkeepers So Paulo 1967 - Sao Paulo SP - Henrico Bastiglia trophy and Lions Club 1968 - So Paulo SP - trophy Roosevelt Institute 1969 - So Paulo SP - Prize for poster of the 34 Salo Paulista de Belas Artes 1974 - So Paulo SP Bronze Medal at the 32nd Salo Freedom of Association of Fine Arts 1974 Paulista Limeira SP Salo 2nd Prize in the Purchasing of Contemporary Art nea 1974 Main Honorable second Salo Bunkyo the Brazilian Association of Japanese Culture 1974 Embu SP Purchasing Prize in Arts 1975 11th Salo So Bernardo do Campo SP Gold Medal Salo on the 18th of Arts 1975 Main Atibaia SP Honorable 7th Meeting of the Arts Prize 1978 Londrina PR Purchasing in the first Hall of Arts Visual northern Paran 1980 Londrina PR Main Honor in the second Hall of Visual Arts 1980 North Paran ItajubMG Purchasing Prize in Arts 1993 1st Salo Revin (Fran a) Prize and Prix Artistique Palette Dargent-Sports in the 21st International Salo 1993 Brussels (Belgium) Diplome dHonneur the 4th European Festival of Contemporary Art 1997 Revin (France) Honorary Chairman Vince-Salo at the 25th International Contemporary Art of Sao Paulo SP 1998 Medal of Professional Merit Commendation awarded by the Brazilian Academy of Arts and Culture 1998 Story So Paulo SP Partners Prize awarded by the Culture Secretariat of State for Culture - Government of the State of So Paulo 1999 Vinzaglio (Italy) Title Acadmico Associate awarded by the Accademia Internazionale Greci Marino, Accademia del Verbano di Lettere, Arti, Scienze Vinzaglio 2001 (Italy) Accademia del Verbano Cavaliere Title awarded by Accademia Internazionale Greci Marino, Accademia del Verbano di Lettere, Arti, Scienze. Revin 2002 - Frana - Medal of involvement as a guest on 30 Salo Art International - Internationale Galerie Dart Contemporain Parc Maurice Rocheteau CONTEXT SCHOOLS / Figurative Movements: Magical Realism / fantastic G NEROS / trends of genre painting, Figurative Composio TEXTS critics "Paul Acencio pictrica prepares a work that engages in real landscapes in onricas in volumes brought on characters and ess Colour NCIA. His painting captures a man in the dreams and ideals. signs paint and draw, create and participate actively in the contemporary art movement, mean scores for Acencio. Acencio for painting is more than would a fight to assimilate raw sensations multifaceted reality. malefcios Filtering of a consumerist society. Acencio results in concrete images or plastic structured cnones inalterveis and rigidly. "J. Henry Fabre Rolim in ACENCIO: fantasy art. Ciocena of presentation. Sl: s.ed., 1990." frames Acencio denote the field technician and an art Plastic singular. Its colors, symphony belssima what first draws our attention. They strike us with a taste for painting apocalyptic, bleak, agonizing, with colors very tnues. The artist knew how to capture and express the soul of man, chained in his own destiny. "Jimnez JIMNEZ Medina, Medina." A painting of apocalyptic flavor. In: Acencio: fantasy art. presentation of Ciocena. Sl: s.ed., 1990. "Hum link very long, very deep and very tnue linking the work of Acencio among the various examples that constitute our existence. His vo treatments from the most hidden corners of human origin and can finish among the world& 39;s vastides inalcanveis csmico. Seeing the work of Acencio, has the form of an all-encompassing human existence. This vision of such so that, suddenly, we felt very small juntamante with the artist and our pride, passions and desires if it nullifies before the majesty of an evolution that part of nowhere and comes to another type anything and that both involve us completely. "Jos Luyten Luyten, Jos." The Long-range work of Paul Acencio "In: Acencio: fantasy art. Ciocena of presentation. Sl: s.ed., 1990. During the passage a near abstraction to figuration effective, we had the opportunity to follow the flowering of humanism that erupted around a painting of Paul Acencio. Artist of popular origin and with an eye to the great mysteries of the universe. Acencio is right now in a period of great mutaoe of extreme creativity. By his own intellectual restlessness, Acencio been participating in various spiritual and ecological movements, giving emphasis to the role of man in history. This is reflected in its production form categrica artistic. ZAGO Antonio Zago, Antonio. Extreme Artist Creativity In: Acencio: fantasy art. Presentation of Ciocena. SI: [-]990 Besides the technical quality, a real improvement pictrica contemporary art, we see in the paintings of Paul Acencio much of what we would like to perpetuate in our thinking. And here it fulfills its role as esthetician to perpetuate a reality, raising a single act or figuration time for a true art, transform something ordinary into art. Jos Luyten Luyten, Jos. Everyday Life in Art Acencio In: Acencio: Fantasy Art presentation of Ciocena.SI: s.ed. 1990 Polychrome Paul Acencio now becomes a verb in verse live in emsica poem. Jumped to its palette of inspiration for amquina writing, his quiet approach, the volume of your dash rebel born the word anxious to complete its process of communication. Paul Acencio draws and paints figures in literrias original poems, a variety of perspectives seqncia fantastic in a colorful gradao original metaphors. The outside of the verses of Acencio leads us to meditate deeply, gathering, invites us to believe in the horizon, the sun, into the sea, fish, the sensations, the aroma of milk. Acencio rises with height, with the field, with experience traveling with peregrinaomstica. Acencio delivery today his first verses to the imagination of our constant fantasy. Ventura De La Fuente DE LA FUENTE, Ventura. Concerning the Book We chromosomes. In: Acencio: fantasy art. Presentation of Ciocena. SI: [-]990 Acencio lives in Sao Paulo since the age of 14 who graduated from here and here and spread their art around the world. The Express worldwide, without a little grace almost always conceals a tour of another artist who uses it. In this case. The work of Paul Acencio participated in international exhibitions and galleries and sternohyoid museums in the following countries: Japan, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Frana, Denmark, His, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Belgium, England, RSSI ... Yes, we can say in this case properly, spreading their art around the world creates scom afora.Ele in the reed. Also member of UBE and Brazilian Writers Union in 1988, he published We chromosomes, an important work of imagination and ingenuity literria. In painting he prefers oil on canvas. But what paint? Paints the moment of success in sports, the transcendent moment of thought hindusta, when his followers who see far VME feel oppressed by Crena own, the woman in ample, riding a espaoa reo; postman who takes the boy& 39;s correspondence antagnico side of the world, Lond possible to have mail, the four seasons of motherhood in the era of cloning; classic themes such as Vit ria Samotrcia with self portrait and trptico varies on the subject of Leonardo Da Vinci, a series which he entitles Cibernergia and that we define as a hyper-realism fantastic, unprecedented. Galleries otm large companies invited to paint portraits of their presidents, such as Caixa Economic Federal and editors to illustrate book covers. Also notable are his studies that he met Marat, Courbet and Jesus. All in all, besides the character portrays itself as a center of study, for personal vanity, mania or populism they incur the majority of authors, or psychoanalysis, confessing themselves as such and VNO mirror a figure who in it pleases. We face a great painter who can work and play gestures and surfaces of bodies, clothed or naked. Your own self-portrait of a point interrogaoe unlocks the secret of a mgoa deep that he does not speak. The colors are extremely beautiful Acencio in all their screens and let us go by their gradients, surroundings, transparencies ... The curricula and traveled won by Paul Acencio has been long and difficult, but surpassed. so that we can achieve much more, though it was Needed in more than revalue the work jfeita. This for an artist like Acencio impossible because he wants to paint more, unearth other myths and make us partcipes of his poetry and his fantastic realism, that hyper as superlative, both in real , as in fantasy. Mrio Garcia-Garcia-Guilln Guilln, Mrio. The Hyper-realism of Paul fantastic Acencio In: The-Tribune-Journal fl.3 Gallery (plastic arts) Santos-1999. STATE ENTITIES: ? UBE-Brazilian Writers Union. ? APBA-Paulista Association of Fine Arts. ? AIAP / UNESCO-International Association of plastic arts. ? MEMBER newspaper O Estado de So Paulo State Prize of the Electoral Colgio Multicultural. ? Accademia Internazionale Italy. ? Professional Artists Association APAP So the plastic Paul.

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